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Balls for Valves

Hartford Technologies is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of precision balls for valves.

Our goal is to partner with you to identify the best possible alternatives for your next valves project:

Check – Hydraulic Cartridge – Hydraulic Shuttle

High and Low Pressure Relief – Flow Control – Pneumatic

Poppet – Float – True Union – Fuel Pump

Hartford balls for valves, hydraulic, cartridge style, shuttle ball type and true union and shuttle ball valves are manufactured in materials to meet your requirements for hardness, chemical compatibility and recyclability, as well as FDA and EC/EC/EMEA requirements.

Materials and Sizes

We specialize in precision balls for valves that are made from soft stainless materials, including 302/18-8, 304, 316, and 316L. We also make balls from various grades of carbon steel that are subsequently plated for corrosion resistance and/or surface hardness.

We produce sizes from 12.5mm-50mm and geometric tolerances to suit the application. We have recently added manufacturing capabilities to meet increased demand for various shapes and designs of poppet valves.

Hartford valve ball specialists work with customers to identify the best solutions and to assure that balls seat properly in all cases. We supply applications diverse as fuel pumps/carburetors, natural gas, transportation, fire prevention equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive fuel and refrigeration valves, hydraulic manifolds, outboard motors and oil patch equipment.

Prototyping Balls for Valves

Our rapid prototyping service is recognized as one of the industry’s pre-eminent resources for the development and testing of precision balls for valves. Hartford’s two-continent operations provides additional advantages in lead time, logistics and cost, particularly for global customers.

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