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Balls for Metering and Dispensing

Precision balls are used in containers that meter or dispense products such as: airless spray pumps, lotion pumps, atomizers, or continuous or metered aerosol cans. Hartford produces stainless steel balls that are specified for dispensing applications within the health care, cosmetics/fragrances, and household products industries. Hartford also produces balls for specialty applications such as the dispensing of pet treats, and adhesives. 

Hartford stainless steel dispensing balls – one of our most in-demand products – are well-suited to the growing array of aerosol food and beverage products, which now include aerosol pancakes and food foams, as well as more conventional products such as cooking sprays and cheese. 

Hartford dispensing balls can be manufactured in a multitude of materials to meet customer requirements for hardness, chemical compatibility and recyclability, as well as FDA and EC/EMEA requirements. 

Materials Used for Balls for Metering and Dispensing:


Hartford Technologies is a leading manufacturer of dispensing balls made from glass, and plastics. We specialize  in high-volume consumer product programs, including national roll-outs that demand highly structured delivery schedules. Our rapid prototyping service is recognized as one of the industry’s preeminent resources for the development and testing of dispensing balls for complex applications. Hartford’s two- continent manufacturing system provides competitive and logistical advantages for customers who distribute worldwide.