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Pivot Pins

pivot pins

Pivot pins refer to pins that have a special end configuration (e.g spherical end) that allows this feature to be used as a cam profile, such as a detent pin.

A detent pin refers to pins that have a mechanical feature that prevents motion until this feature is released. One simple example is a pin that has a spring loaded ball pressed into a hole along its length. The pin cannot be disassembled until the ball is pressed into the body of the pin, allowing the pin to slide free.

Size Ranges

  • Diameter: .031″ to 1.000″ (.787mm to 25.4mm)
  • Length: .125″ to 3.000″ (3.17mm to 76.2mm)

Standard Materials

  • Bearing grade chrome steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel


  • Toggle switches
  • Locking devices

Parts Cleanliness

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