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Customized Bearing Assemblies for the Agriculture Industry

Hartford Technologies is a major supplier of products for poultry watering systems using variations of our soft-stainless ball products.

Stainless steel balls are commonly used to control the flow in watering dispensing devices. Most will remember the water bottles used in hamster cages, where the weight of the steel ball provided a seal preventing water flow.

When the ball was pressed, the seal was released and water flowed. When the contact was removed, the ball returned to its original position and prevented the water from flowing. Because of the design, a non-precision ball could be used as the retaining feature of the tube. This concept is used on poultry farms in feeding systems for birds.


Animal Feeding Systems

Chicken or the egg?

It would be hard to get either without our stainless steel balls precisely controlling the flow of animal water dispensing devices for poultry farms.

CorrTech Stainless Steel Balls, grade 1000

Corrosion resistance, reliable operation, safe for animals

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