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Tapered Rollers

Tapered rollers are used as rolling elements in tapered roller bearings. These bearings are selected when the bearing must provide load carrying capability in both radial and axial directions.

Tapered rollers are blanked (given their rough overall shape) using a cold-heading process. Several subsequent operations including specialized grinding produce parts with precision tolerances. Bearing grade chrome steel is generally selected as the material because of its wide availability plus its high mechanical properties (tensile strength, hardness, wear resistance). Hartford Technologies provides custom sizes of tapered rollers (diameters, length, angle).

Size Range

  • All our tapered rollers are made-to-order. Hartford Technologies will work with you to design a tapered roller that meets your specific requirements.

Standard Materials

  • Bearing grade chrome steel
  • Carbon steel

Applications for Tapered Roller Bearings

  • Gear boxes, pumps and conveyors used in power gen, mining, oil and gas, wind energy, pulp and paper, food and beverage, gear drives, cement and metals applications.
  • Drive trains, gear drives, axle centers, wheel ends and transmissions used in construction, mining, rail, automotive and commercial vehicles.
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