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Knurled Pins

Hartford Technologies custom manufactures precision knurled pins and knurled studs that provide the highest levels of straightness, roundness, and hardness, without marks.

Hartford knurled pins and knurled studs are manufactured in high volumes in straight, diamond and helical styles, tapered and untapered.

A wide range of lengths, diameters and pitch is available. Knurled sections can have a straight, helical, or diamond knurl configuration, and a variety of custom end configurations.

Knurled pins are ideal for assembling parts with thin sections, and, because of their greater number of serrations, are superior to grooved pins in fastening capacity, particularly where the application is subject to vibration and other mechanical shock.

Hartford has the design expertise and capabilities to provide a robust and cost-effective design for your next requirement. Speak with a Hartford engineered pins specialist today.

Size Ranges

  • Diameter: up to 3/8″
  • Length: up to 3″

Standard Materials

  • Chrome steel
  • Low carbon steel
  • Stainless steel

Knurled Pin Applications

The serrations on a knurled pin, when compressed by insertion into a hole, result in forces that hold the fastener in place. Radial forces are more evenly distributed around the diameter of a hole for knurled pins than for grooved pins. This is because a knurled pin has more points of contact with a hole than a grooved pin. The teeth may broach the mating hole when the material is softer and more ductile than the pin material.

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