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Bearing Cages/Separators

The function of a bearing cage (also known as a separator or a retainer) is to hold rolling elements in proper orientation so they don’t group together.

Bearing cages are produced in a wide variety of materials and for a wide variety of manufacturing processes.

Materials for Bearing Cages:

  • Molded plastic – polyamide (nylon), acetal (delrin), polyetheretherketone (PEEK), phenolic resin
  • Stamped metal – steel, brass
  • Machined metal – steel, brass

Additionally, some metal cages are assemblies (e.g. two halves riveted together.) Furthermore, some ball or roller bearing assemblies do not use a cage / separator. They use the maximum number of rolling elements than can fit in the allotted space. These bearings are called full complement bearings.

Bearing Cage/Separator Applications:

  • Rotative bearings
  • Linear bearings
  • Slide bearings
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