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Precision Balls

Precision metal balls are used in critical aeronautical bearings, guidance system balls for space and military applications, valves, automotive bearings, cosmetics, and other applications where higher precision is required.

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Precision Ball Grading Standards

At Hartford Technologies, we measure precision balls by the following grading standards:

Grade – The grade is a measure of the degree of precision of the ball with respect to key functional characteristics. A lower number indicates a more precise metal ball. For example, a grade 10 ball is more precise than a grade 100 ball.

Diameter – Available in both inch and metric; ranging from 0.5mm to 65mm

Sphericity – The higher sphericity means how close a precision ball is to being a perfect sphere. Also called roundness.

Surface Roughness – The quality of a ball’s surface finish. The better the surface finish, the less “noise” from vibration during bearing rotation. Surface finish can also be critical to providing a tight valve seal.

Hartford’s Precision Ball Quality

Hartford Technologies conforms to multiple precision ball standards (including ABMA (formerly AFBMA) Standard 10, ISO 3290 and DIN 5401) which dictate the industry standards of precision balls regarding diameter, sphericity (roundness) and surface roughness.

Our quality commitment also includes APQP, a process that ensures that product design meets customer expectations, while promoting strategies that “design-out” potential problems and boost productivity for Hartford customers.

Precision Balls We Manufacture:

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