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Solutions and Customized Bearing Assemblies for the Industrial Sector

Various applications in the industrial market use our precision balls, custom bearings, and pins and shafts.

Coupling and Bearing applications are major components of industrial applications that Hartford Technologies supplies. Hartford Technologies excels in providing close tolerance, down to grade 10, chrome steel products used in standard and series stainless steel and chrome steel bearings. We supply industrial applications like valves used in fire prevention equipment, natural gas transportation, as well as linear slides.

Industrial Applications

  • Valves
  • Doors
  • Ball screws
  • Factory equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Flowmeters
  • Quick disconnect couplings
  • Detent pins
  • Steam traps
  • Actuators
  • Pumps and many more.

In-line Check Valves

Go With The Flow

Valves used in fire prevention equipment and natural gas transportation as well as linear slides are some of the precision industrial applications supplied by Hartford Technologies.

Precision Balls

Numerous material / grade options, 0 ppm

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