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Precision Pins and Shafts

precision shafts

Hartford custom-manufactures precision pins and shafts to your specifications, with length and diameter tolerances depending upon the size and end configuration.

Crowned, rounded spherical, and chamfered ends (including chamfer on both ends) are available. All precision shafts and pins materials are through-hardened, except carbon steel.

Size Ranges

  • Diameter: .031″ to 1.000″ (.787mm to 25.4mm)
  • Length: .125″ to 3.000″ (3.17mm to 76.2mm)

Standard Materials

  • Chrome steel
  • Carbon steel
  • A variety of grades of stainless steel


  • Up to 6 RMS

Parts Cleanliness

Applications for Precision Pins and Shafts include:

  • Alignment pins
  • U-Joints (needle rollers)
  • Small motor shafts
  • Mechanical timer pins
  • CV Joints
  • Clutches
  • Starter Drives
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