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About Hartford Technologies

Get an overview of Hartford Technologies, our capabilities and offerings as a leading U.S. and China rolling element manufacturer specializing in precision balls, pins and rollers, bearing parts and custom bearing assemblies.

High Quality Ball Manufacturing: A Process Overview

A step-by-step look at how Hartford Technologies produces high quality precision balls at one of our China manufacturing facilities.

Custom Bearing Retainer Assemblies

Hartford Technologies specializes in bearing assemblies, including plastic injection molded retainers used in the automotive, agricultural and industrial sectors. Watch as we explain how they are manufactured.

Ultra Clean Parts Capabilities

Clients in certain industries such as automotive microelectronics and medical, often have demanding specifications for part cleanliness. The video explains how Hartford Technologies provides ultrasonic cleaning to remove any particles remaining from the manufacturing process.

Needle Roller Bearing Assemblies

This video explains how Needle Roller Bearing Assemblies are manufactured using an E2 assembly machine.

Roller Gauging of Precision Balls

Hartford Technologies uses roller gauging as a sorting process to ensure the proper diameter of every ball. Watch as we explain how it works.