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Step Size Precision Balls

Polyethylene Balls Manufacturer | Hartford Technologies

Hartford Technologies manufactures step size precision balls that allow OEMs to work successfully with minor variations in the dimensions stampings tubing roll formed product, and extrusions.

In assemblies such as sliding mechanisms for car seats, and tubing used in steering columns, step size precision balls and incremental ball sizing is a powerful tool for achieving precise fit between the ID and the OD- without the precision price.

Hartford customers gain something else as well – expert ball inventory management. Our Inventory Modeling Program monitors your process, usage, and history, and predicts trends that then control our manufacturing. As a result, “what you need” is always “what’s in stock.”

Hartford’s Inventory Modeling Program allows customers to minimize inventory, precisely meet demand, and avoid excess stock.

The Hartford Commitment:get in sync with our customers’ processes. Hold ball tolerances tight to match variations that customers experience in stampings, roll formings, tubing or extrusions. And keep costs low.

Hartford manufactures a broad range of step size precision balls in increments to suit customer needs. Balls are manufactured in carbon steel, chrome steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, brass, glass and plastics.

To discuss how Hartford’s Inventory Modeling Program can simplify your manufacturing process, email us.