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Putting the Function in Fun & Fitness

Balls, pins, rollers and bearing assemblies are used in a variety of recreational vehicles like ATVs and exercise products like treadmills & rowing machines.


Your Weapon of Mass Precision

Our high quality, precision products are used in military equipment such as tanks, weaponry, missile guidance systems, protective wear and a multitude of defense industry applications.


The Best Medical Components from Diagnosis to Recovery

Our surgical-grade precision specialty balls and components are used within a wide range of medical devices like IV therapy, hospital beds, and other life-saving diagnostic healthcare equipment.


Go With The Flow

Valves used in fire prevention equipment and natural gas transportation as well as linear slides are some of the precision industrial applications supplied by Hartford Technologies.


The Drive Behind the Hard Drive

Through the provision of brass balls, Hartford Technologies provides excellent conductivity solutions for electrical contact applications within the electronics industry.

Consumer Goods

Cutting Edge Solutions

Hartford Technologies supplies to a wide variety of manufacturers in the consumer goods industry for products such as health and beauty aids, small engine transmissions, and even kitchen scissors!


Chicken or the egg?

It would be hard to get either without our stainless steel balls precisely controlling the flow of animal water dispensing devices for poultry farms.


Customized Bearing Assemblies that are Moving the Automotive Industry

With our products in ⅔ of North American vehicles, almost every driver enjoys the benefits of our products each day – without realizing it!